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Each month you can choose from our available programming to continue working towards YOUR goals. All of our programs are designed by one of our trainers to target specific areas or training goals. Here are some of our most popular programs. 

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Follow Along Movement Preparation and Injury Prevention Workouts.
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Movement practices intended to help feel better, learn more about your body, and gain greater control over mind and movements.
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Training goes beyond just sets and reps. The most successful training days happen when your mind and movements are aligned. When you join the M3 Family, you’re committing to mindfulness, movement, and mobility to help you reach your goals. You’ll learn movement practices that are intended to help you control both your mind and movement. With programs targeting everything from ankle movement to upper body strength, you can find on-demand training for any goal. Use code m3Celebrate at checkout. 

Total Body Strength and Conditioning

If you are interested in building overall strength or just getting back to the gym, this is a great place to start. We focus on the whole body, working to get the foundational movements and exercises cemented for you to build your training on.

Resilient Programs

These programs are aimed to help reduce pain and increase mobility. We take you through exercises that are designed by our physical therapists to help recover from injury, reduce your pain, and bring back your lost range of motion.

General CrossFit

Whether you are new to cross fit or getting back into it, this is a great course to learn how to safely progress in the sport. It will establish the foundational moves, and help you learn proper positioning while building your strength for moving forward.


Movement . Mindfulness . Mobility


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