Learn directly from Coach Rob Rabena as if you were one of his interns. In this 16-week Mentorship you will learn from his years of experience and coursework with exclusive insights into his training process that has produced athletes at all levels of college and professional athletics.

This experience will offer you every luxury that is afforded by his on-site interns that go through an extensive application process. You will receive weekly in-services with 1 check-in (Phone, email, text) from Rob each week. This experience truly provides the ultimate learning environment and the ability to complete Rob’s Strength and Conditioning Internship Online.

If you are looking to learn from a proven and seasoned strength coach without the hassle of spending time and money to travel to his site this is the experience that can propel you to the next level whether you have no experience or 10 years of experience Rob’s insights will exceed your expectations and improve your athlete preparation process from day one.

The goal of the mentorship is the following:

  1. Improve knowledge of how to coach/instruct squat, deadlift and other big exercises
  2. Improve your athlete assessment/screening abilities
  3. Improve your ability to write and design athlete pre game/lifting warmups
  4. Improve your knowledge of core training, anaerobic, and aerobic conditioning 
  5. Improve your knowledge of how to sell, and other specific areas such as PRI and FRC
  6. Improve in your ability to write/design a customized strength and conditioning program

Join today to become a better movement professional to better serve your athletes from day one and for years to come.

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Open Hours

Mon - Fri — 8:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday — 9:00am - 12:00pm
Sunday — Closed

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