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Are you Tired of the Same Old Physical Therapy?

If so, you have come to the right place.


Have you been looking for a PT that understands your needs and have you been frustrated with this process.


Are you looking for a PT that promotes movements to aid in your healing process and WANTS you to workout?


Are you someone who wants to take an active role in your rehab process?

We built our clinics the way we did because we saw the problem with traditional Physical Therapy and we wanted to be your solution.

If any of the above describe how you feel, we can help. We believe that PT should focus on getting you back to your previous, high performing, level of function. Unfortunately this is where most PT stops. Most PT stops when you are able to perform activities around your home pain free. Unfortunately you perform at a higher level and therefore need a higher level of activity. We are clinicians that understand high performing individuals of any level. We seek to eliminate the roller coaster of pain limiting performance and we offer lasting solutions.

We have established our Pain Free Foundations phases of rehab that will optimize your recovery and return to function.

Pillar 1 - Mindset

(Approx 1 week)

During this phase we set expectations and reflect together on the realistic return from injury and back to your high performing self. We address thoughts and beliefs about your pain to help empower you toward recovery.

Pillar 2 - Structure

(Approx 4-6 weeks)

This is where we address any specific structural injuries and expedite their healing to prepare the structure to tolerate load and move forward into expanding your pain free
movement capacities.

Pillar 3 - Movement

(Approx 3-4 weeks)

We address joint position, mobility and stability to promote optimal movement patterns that guide your exercise progressions.

Pillar 4 - Capacity

(Approx 2-4 weeks)

During this phase we manipulate load through multiple variables and implements to improve tissue capacity for return to full activity.

Precision Performance is in your Corner

Our injury, post rehab, and performance rehabilitation training programs are designed by Doctors of Physical Therapy and seasoned strength coaches. We have worked with all levels of individuals to achieve optimal movement health.

 Lower Total Costs

We are a DIRECT ACCESS clinic which means we can see you without a physicians referral, diagnosing your injury in the process. This will save you the time and money of seeing a physician first and will ultimately help you become pain-free sooner than typically expected.

 Doctors of Physical Therapy

Each clinician on our staff is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach. This means we have gone above and beyond to educate ourselves in both the injury process and cutting edge exercise techniques.

 Ongoing Support

We offer a variety of programs to support you both during and after your Physical Therapy experience. We offer our Resilient and Precision Programs  that promote joint mobility, stability, strength and overall health, longevity and performance as well as online individualized programming to support optimal fitness progress.

Start feeling better and get your life back.

"The atmosphere you create makes me want to come back when I need physical therapy. . . It has made me feel confident and comfortable with continuing my sport, knowing that there is someone there to help if need be."

Jessica Feldman

"People should know this isn’t any normal PT clinic. Once you go once you become part of the family and they take care of you as if you were part of their own family."

Collin Jensen

"One thing that surprised me the most was about how much they really care about their clients. If you miss an appointment they follow up with you right away and if you need an emergency visit they fit you in immediately."

Maria & Bob Fudala

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