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Accepting most major insurances, our Doctor of Physical Therapy clinicians will work with you to achieve YOUR goals as quickly and effectively as possible. Every interaction is a joint effort with constant communication to help guide your process.

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Start Living a Pain Free Life

Precision Performance Physical Therapy offers the best in physical therapy and performance training. Whether you come into our clinic, purchase one of our templated programs programs, or are interested in our online fitness programming, we are committed to delivering high quality results.

Why Choose Precision Performance

Injury, post rehab, and performance rehabilitation training by Doctors of Physical Therapy and seasoned strength coaches who have worked with all levels of individuals to achieve optimal movement health.

Lower Total Costs

We are a DIRECT ACCESS clinic which means we can see you without a physicians referral, diagnosing your injury in the process. This will save you the time and money of seeing a physician first and will ultimately help you become pain-free sooner than typically expected.

Doctors of Physical Therapy

Each clinician on our staff is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach. This means we have gone above and beyond to educate ourselves in both the injury process and cutting edge exercise techniques.

Ongoing Support

We offer a variety of programs to support you both during and after your Physical Therapy experience. We offer both the Resillient and Precision Programs  that promote joint mobility, stability, strength and overall health, longevity and performance as well as online individualized programming to support optimal fitness progress.

Start feeling better and getting your life back.

"The atmosphere you create makes me want to come back when I need physical therapy. . . It has made me feel confident and comfortable with continuing my sport, knowing that there is someone there to help if need be."

Jessica Feldman

"People should know this isn’t any normal PT clinic. Once you go once you become part of the family and they take care of you as if you were part of their own family."

Collin Jensen

"One thing that surprised me the most was about how much they really care about their clients. If you miss an appointment they follow up with you right away and if you need an emergency visit they fit you in immediately."

Maria & Bob Fudala

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Recovering from Tendinopathy

Recovering from Tendinopathy

Tendinopathy is a common injury caused by the over or incorrect use of a tendon, which is the band of tissue that connects your muscles to your bones. Any sort of repetitive injury or putting too much load or stress on a tendon can cause inflammation and pain. This...

The Benefits of an Individualized Program

The Benefits of an Individualized Program

Now more than ever people are more educated on health and fitness and have greater access to fitness resources right at their fingertips. A simple search on YouTube will turn up thousands and thousands of free workout videos that promise a six-pack or a better butt....

Improve Your Vertical Jump

Improve Your Vertical Jump

If you have ever played basketball, volleyball, or any other sport that involves a lot of jumping, you have probably talked to a coach about improving your vertical jump. It is one of the most common goals we have for people in those spots. Being able to jump high...

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