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ID Program

The Precision Performance ID Program gives you the confidence and comfort of having a professional coach in your pocket. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists are here to guide you on your fitness journey.

By Precision Performance Physical Therapy


Programming Customized for You

Whether you have been training in pain or looking to start a new fitness routine, Precision Performance offers a highly individualized program that ensures you are moving towards your goal in a safe and effective manner.

The ID Program begins with a thorough review of your training history, goals, previous injuries, and medical history.

Our coaches will also walk you through a mobility and strength assessment to gather baseline measurements on your current level of fitness. Once you have completed the assessment, your coach will upload your workouts to our app which will allow you to access your personalized fitness programming no matter where you are! You will also have weekly check-ins with our coaches so they can track your progress and adjust your programming as needed.

History & Physical Assessment

Our coaches review your goals and history and perform a physical assessment to get a baseline for your programming.

Customized Fitness Programming

Our coaches will put together a personalized program to help you reach your goals. Using our app, you will be able to access that plan from anywhere.

Review & Adjust

Weekly check-ins with our coaches will help to keep you on track and help us adjust your programming as needed to keep you moving forward.

ID Program

Customized for You


Based on your history and goals


Access your workout at home or on the move


Avoid gyms during the pandemic


Progress at your own speed

Fitness Programming Made for You

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  Real Results.

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