Now more than ever people are more educated on health and fitness and have greater access to fitness resources right at their fingertips. A simple search on YouTube will turn up thousands and thousands of free workout videos that promise a six-pack or a better butt. YouTubers and other online fitness trainers are putting out great content that may have worked for them, but that doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. That’s why we say if you go to a trainer or purchase an online program and it’s the same program for every person that participates, run away! An individualized program is so important for meeting your personal fitness goals. If you want to see those goals met in a safe and effective way, we highly recommend working with a personal trainer.

What exactly are individualized programs?

Individualized training programs are exercise plans that are created by a personal trainer. Individualized programs are based on your physical fitness capabilities and your goals when it comes to health and fitness. A personal trainer will take into account things like age, medical history, past injuries, your expectations and goals, and your history of physical fitness, to craft a unique program that will work for you.

Benefits of an individualized program

  • Safe and effective
    Unlike some online programs, an individualized program is going to be the safest and most effective way to meet your goals. The exercises that your trainer gives you are meant to be within your skill level and will guide you to your goals.
  • Confidence boost
    When you start with a program and keep at it, you’ll eventually start to hit some of your goals. This is an amazing feeling and can give you the confidence to motivate yourself to learn even more new skills, and stick with your program to get even more results!
  • Working at your own pace

    A group fitness class or an online video doesn’t slow down if you feel like you need a break. An individualized training program allows you to work at your own pace, take breaks when you need to, and then jump back in without missing a beat.

  • Challenging
    In a normal fitness routine, you can plateau and might not see the results you’re looking for. A great part of working with a trainer is that you won’t get bored! A training program will challenge you and take you to the next level.
  • Education
    Your personal trainer is an amazing resource to learn everything you want to know about exercising. Their knowledge goes beyond your typical internet search because they went through years of school and training to get to where they are today. The more you know, the better workouts you’ll have that will maximize effectiveness and reduce the risk of injury.

If you’re looking for long-term results, an individualized training program is the way to go. Precision Performance Physical Therapy wants to help you get there! Learn more about our on-demand and custom programming options.

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